Friday, April 9, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

TV by Internet

Penelope Paturis of Forbes has a piece looking at the Internet as an alternative to cable and satellite as a channel for content distribution. Her conclusion:

"These endeavors may be long shots now, but what happens when the technology gets to the point where most televisions have high-speed Internet connections? Consumers may start wondering why they should pay $100 a month to DirecTV or Comcast for a bunch of channels they never watch, when they can just maintain their broadband connection at $40 a pop and only watch exactly what they want to watch.

"The cable and satellite systems are at the mercy of the programmers that create and distribute the content. You can bet that as soon as the folks with the keys to the content kingdom decide that there's more money online than on-air, online is where they'll be. "

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