Friday, April 23, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Staff Appreciation Lunch--The Brief Report

Well, if ever a staff deserved appreciation it is the hard-working crew at PFF. How do you think us so-called thinkers put out so much good work and organize so many good events--if I do say so myself. We couldn't accomplish half of what we do without them.

So, we topped off our Staff Appreciation Week, with lunch at our perennial favorite, Lauriol, where they know what to put on the fire when they see us coming. The food was good, of course. The conversation stimulating--"Say, did you do any net protocol conversions last night?" "No, but I caught the tail end of a discussion of UNE-Ps on TechTV!" And the Margaritas....Well, some of the staff may still be in Margaritaville. [Ray was in Denver, sipping his beer and eating his cheeseburgers, while watching the snow fall. His spirit hovered over the Margaritas.]

Thanks to Jane, Becca, Brooke, Andrea, and Marcia and everyone else for your good work and dedication throughout the year.

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