Thursday, March 4, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

George G. on George W.'s Broadband Policy

George Gilder launched a broadside at the broadband policies of the Bush Administration in today's The Wall Street Journal. (Registration required.) He seeks a "bold White House policy to free the Internet from last century's rules--designed for long-gone monopolies--[that] would spur the entire telecom and technology sectors to gear up for a new era of optical and wireless networks."

Gilder goes on to argue, "Dissolved must be the entire artificial and litigious distinction between local and long distance communications that assigns the local loop to local regulators and long distance to lobbyists and litigators." Like any good opinion essay, Gilder has plenty of facts to support his arguments. But one has to ask, "To whom within the Administration is it directed?" It is not clear than anyone who answers a telephone with a "456-" prefix is aware of the problem at hand.

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