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The Post on Powell

Last week excerpts were posted here from FCC Chairman Michael Powell's recent speech at NARUC. Ray noted its defensible and prudent path toward competition.

A follow up post appeared to pick nits with the Chairman's choice of literary characters. Little did we know that over at The Washington Post our blog on digital policy issues is so closely read. Yesterday's Style Section, page C03, included a blurb on the NARUC speech and it use of literary license. The wags over at the Post wrote,

Hold on a sec. Huck wasn't the one who conned people into doing chores for him. Surely he [Powell] meant Tom Sawyer?

Upon our inquiry, a Powell aide offered: "Chairman Powell sincerely regrets confusing the Mark Twain characters and will make sure that in the future never the twain shall meet. The staffer who's responsible will be whitewashing the commission's fence."

If it is any consolation, I for one am willing to lend a hand to the Chairman. Those digs over at the Portals are more than enough for one person to handle.

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