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Yep, you got that right. I'm not touting broadband, but that braveband of brothers known as the Duke Blue Devils. Last night they dispatched a tough Illinois team 72-62. BraveBand? Yep. Chris Duhon, nearly the smallest guy on the court, playing hurt with bruised ribs, leading the Devils by example and grabbing a game-high 10 rebounds, dishing out 8 assists! J.J. Redick manfully fighting through his late season shooting slump to score 17. The amazing freshperson Luol Deng contributing 18. I could go on....but you'll probably want to go to the GoDuke site yourself for more details.

Next up is Xavier Sunday afternoon. Tough game. One way or another I'll let you know what happens in the braveband's quest for glory.

And, now having made the leap from broadband to the braveband, maybe I won't even feel the need to put the results in terms only true digerati can appreciate. After all, in Ray's Gifford's very first post on this site, he explained that, while this space is mostly reserved for digital policy issues, "the blogging muse might lead us into unforeseen places." Such as: "I am sure, for instance, that Senior Fellow Randy May might mention his alma mater once or twice, particularly during tournament time."

Yep. Ray got that right. He's a pretty smart fellow. After all, he attended college and law school at two institutions where the students prefer books over basketball. Pity the poor soul during March Madness!

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