Monday, March 29, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Solution to Coase's Wandering Buffalo

The story of the infamous buffalo of South Park, Colorado has been taken to the halls of the FCC by none other than Phil Weiser. [Don't ask, but since the theorem first appeared in Coase's article, The Federal Communications Commission, it seems appropriate.] The bison wanderlust was first noted here.

Now, the proposed solutions. Coase-ian in training Eric Gunning from the Law and Econ of the Information Age seminar offers this: Cosean Dilemma Bisons v. Fishing - Eric.doc

Eric's discussion is more in depth than my glib "no one owns the fish" answer. This sounds like an issue to excite noted econ-geek Lynne Kiesling, so long as she's not too busy tending to her shrine to Mark Prior, Kerry Wood and Greg Maddux.

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