Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

AT&T Announces First Phase of VoIP

You know VoIP is coming on when Drudge is linking through to AT&T's press release.

A sign of things to come, vertical services that will be offered in the "CallVantage" service include:
- "Call Logs," which tracks incoming and outgoing calling with "click to dial" capability;
- "Do Not Disturb," which allows customers to receive calls only when they want, while letting emergency calls ring in;
- "Personal Conferencing," which enables users to set up a meeting with up to nine additional callers;
- "Locate Me," which enables home phones to find customers by ringing up to five phones all at once or one right after the other;
- "Voicemail with eFeatures," which allows customers to hear their messages from any phone or PC and forward the voicemail to anyone on the Web.

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