Friday, February 6, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Blogging from Silicon Flatirons

This Sunday and Monday, The Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program is hosting its major conference of the year: The Digital Broadband Migration: Toward a Regulatory Regime of the Internet Age. Many digital rock stars present, including Chairman Powell, Larry Lessig, DC Circuit Judge Stephen Williams, and Craig Mundie of Microsoft.

I will be on a panel with Professor Lessig, Judge Williams, Phil Weiser, Jon Nuechterlein, Dale Hatfield and Terry Bienstock, the GC of Comcast. I will be playing the role of the silent valet to these quite impressive fellows. As usual, credit goes to a man who is probably right now somewhat nervous, undoubtedly high-strung, verging on frazzled, waiting for snowstorm to hit at the time of his conference opening, Prof. Phil Weiser, digital intellectual and conference organizer par excellance.

Adam Peters and I will be there blogging away from the conference. If Phil doesn't have wi-fi in the CU Law School courtroom, we will ridicule him mercilessly for his technological backwardness.

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