Tuesday, January 6, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

A Watchdog Hounds the Metaphysicians!

In my post yesterday, "I'll Be Doggone--It's A Watchdog," I riffed about the metaphysics of classifying groups like PFF, wondering about why some groups earn the (coveted?) "watchdog" label from the big city "liberal" press, while others are relegated to something just above hound dog status. [Note to all my friends at the NYT and Washington Post: On this point, I'm mostly, but not completely, just poking fun. So don't take it too seriously.]

But if you really want to watch the metaphysicians in action, follow the debate about to rage about the regulatory classification of VoIP. See my piece "The Metaphysics of VoIP" just published on CNET.

My bottom line, of course, is that regardless what the metaphysicians say about how VoIP does or does not fit into the existing classifications, there is no sound rationale for subjecting VoIP to economic regulation, regardless of who provides the service. Or, as we use to say where I come from, "that dog [you can call me watch...or you can call me hound...or you can call me...] won't hunt!

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