Friday, January 30, 2004 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Open Source & Intellectual Property

I recently published an article "Today Linux, Tomorrow the World?" in the ezine TechCentralStation. The piece discussed the phenomenon of open source software, with particular focus on the effort by some (called "leftist academics" by me, but feel free to substitute a more neutral term if you like) to extend the model to the production of other types of intellectual creations.

One thing I have learned in writing about the topic of open source is that it usually produces intense flame wars. This effort is an exception, so far; I did get objections, but they were uniformly thoughtful and courteous, and they made some excellent points.

Attached here are my capsule descriptions of the comments, together with responses. At the end, the comments are attached in full. The names have been removed, however, since we have not sought permission to disclose them.

We look forward to more dialogue on this important topic.

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