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If It's Autumn, It Must Be Pennsylvania

Well, I just got back from Harrisburg, PA. Believe it or not, it is my fourth trip to the Commonwealth in as many years, each time in late November or early December, arguing that competition is developing nicely and that a less regulatory regime should be implemented. Today's event was a breakfast forum sponsored by the Commonwealth Foundation entitled, "The Future of Telecommunications Competition in Pennsylvania: Why New Regulatory Models Are Needed in the Digital Age."

I discussed the paper that Adam Peters and I co-authored which we released today, "Pennsylvania at Another Crossroads: Will It Opt for Less Regulation And Real Competition to Achieve Digital Age Progress"

In essence, we argue that, in light of the competition that has already emerged, the Pennsylvania legislature should adopt a new framework for telecommunications, especially for broadband, that treats all technological platforms, whether wireline, wireless, cable, VoIP, or whatever, in a deregulatory fashion. And we argue there is certainly no need to create new, overlapping bureaucracies, as some of the legislative proposals would do, to micro-manage the broadband investment decisions of the incumbent telcos. Anyway, you can read all about it.

Oh yes, I did bring back a fresh-baked apple crumb pie that I picked up from Bakers Restaurant on the way back. That was for the hard-working crew here at PFF--all of whom declined to get on the road with me at 5:45 this morning for the drive to beautiful downtown Harrisburg. BTW, it's too late to rush over. The pie is gone.

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