Monday, November 24, 2003 - The Progress & Freedom Foundation Blog

Missing: An Air of Promotion.

One feature of the blogosphere is the shamelessness with which participants promote themselves, their work and their affiliations. Defenders of a healthy Internet-ego claim that it is indispensable for a forum that encourages links and rapid, interactive exchange. A principle objection is that it simply distracts. Regardless of your view, it is fair to say that our nascent PFF Blog has been light on self-promotion. Fear not. We re-enter the mainstream of blogs with this self-congratulatory post.

Tracie Sharp is the president of a very helpful organization called the State Policy Network. SPN is a member organization for state-based, market oriented think tanks and other similar organizations. Members that you may recognize as collaborators with PFF include the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Pacific Research Institute. Why just last week Randy May visited with the folks at another SPN member organization: The Commonwealth Foundation in Pennsylvania.

Recently, Tracie asked me to join the President's Advisory Council for SPN. It is a delight to work with state think tank executives and I'm very pleased to accept the responsibility.

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